Promising to be our customers’ EASY WAY OUT is not a light responsibility. Whether you’re a policyholder, an agent, a broker, or simply an inquirer living in today’s world, where insurance policies have become a commodity and where the public increasingly lacks trust in what companies have to say, we acknowledge that such a promise is a challenging one that must continuously stand for the test of time.

Backed up by a long legacy in the industry, a team of the finest professionals in the field, a sales force as diversified as the community it serves, very well trained, coached, followed up and geographically spread to better assist you in all your insurance needs, and most recently by an ISO 9001:2008 certification to cap it all and prove us once more worth your business, we trust (and sure hope that you do as well) that we are up to YOUR EASY WAY OUT challenge.

 The promise is ours to fulfill, and yours to benefit from.

 Our Values & Personality
At Fidelity, we are committed to:

  • Integrity: Never compromising and always maintaining complete and undivided respect towards moral values.
  • Respect: Always expressing high & special regard towards people, whatever the situation.
  • Dynamism : Motivation and hard work which are essential in getting things done on time and as promised.
  • Professionalism: Conducting ourselves following the right rules of engagement towards business to offer continuous high standards.
  • Friendliness: Creating long-term “friendships” and partnerships with all our clients, by maintaining a helpful attitude, and showing kindness, interest and goodwill when serving them.

 Our Mission
Safeguarding the citizens’ dignity by preserving their wealth against dilution in the event of unbudgeted loss.

 Our Vision
To become a local and regional financial solution provider to each and every citizen, committed to our values, personality and vision.

Refundable Term
Refundable Term
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