Q1 What are the geographical limits of a Motor Insurance policy?

A1 Lebanon. It may be extended to include Arab and North African countries listed in the Orange Card.

Q2 How many persons may be accepted under a Motor Insurance policy as “The Driver”?

A2 Any licensed authorized driver is covered under this policy.

Q3 What do I do in case of a motor accident?

A3 Immediately call one of our experts listed in the motor expert booklet. (Please refer to the link below)

Q4 What do I do in case the car is not in a running condition?

A4 With every purchase of a Motor Insurance policy from Fidelity, you are entitled to free road assistanc (subject to conditions mentioned on the service evaluation form) covering almost all the Lebanese territory 24/7. All you need to do is call the number of the towing service mentioned on your policy folder.

Q5 Why is the Bodily Injury policy obligatory?

A5 It’s a must-have insurance policy mandated by the parliament per law no. 9585 as of May 1, 2003, to ensure the hospitalization of the injured third parties due to road accidents.

Q6 Are family members covered in the motor third party liability insurance?

All Fidelity motor policies covering material damage are extended to cover, as well, accidental injuries to family members.