Do you wish to insure your car while benefiting from supplementary coverage?

Do you want to take the road with a total piece of mind? Do you want to dispose of competitive services in terms of Motor insurance in Lebanon? In order to meet all your requirements, fidelity conceived the “Motor Insurance product” in Lebanon.

Fidelity’s strength is to be able to periodically present to all of its sales force a new product, a new vision of coverage, a new bouquet of risks related to a particular niche of the Market, a new Target of people to focus on.

Regardless of how well you or your beloved ones may drive, risks of impotent motorist coupled with Lebanon’s bad road conditions and absence of implementation of road safety measures, keep us fearful of the unknown.

According to YASA, more than 850 deaths and 11,000 injuries resulting from road accidents were registered in Lebanon, in 2008 alone.

Having a motor insurance policy in Lebanon, is a security for any driver and passenger to guarantee that any unfortunate accident will be spontaneously and professionally handled by Fidelity, while securing that righteous parties shall “get their right without a fight”, and therefore reducing any emotional or financial stress that such an occurrence could otherwise cause.

It is our Fidelity tradition to provide the clientele with the right motor insurance policy in Lebanon at an optimum cover for a reasonable price. Our main target was to serve one Market Niche at a time, offering maximum security coverage to the insured business, and even introducing unfamiliar or special coverage to normal domestic or commercial Risks.

In addition to familiar Hazards coverage in the motor insurance in Lebanon, such as Fire, Allied Perils, Natural catastrophes, neighbors & other Risks, this policy’s main feature resides in its Liability Section.

The motor insurance policies in Lebanon covers the General Liability of the Insured to his clients & guests for any injury or damage arising out of their presence on the insured location, the Operational Liability of the Insured that includes accidents and the Liability of the Insured towards his clients & guests for any injury or damage arising out of a Professional fault or mistake.

Once more, Fidelity keeps its promise of dynamic sales that protect the Public against real Hazards for adequate sums insured at competitive prices. It’s not the product that sells itself at the end of the day; a good insurance company is the one that can sell ice cream to Eskimos.

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Refundable Term
Refundable Term
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