Cash In Transit

For all institutions that have Cash Transactions or Transportation (cash collecting from clients or transport of funds), this policy covers the risk of loss of cash in transit due to: road accidents, theft, hold-up, and even due to health impairments. But it does not apply if the loss of money is unexplainable.

Cash in Safe

This policy covers the risk of the loss of any type of cash, coins, checks, travelers’ checks, and other currencies and bonds against fire and burglary, whilst being locked in the insured’s safe. The cover is also extended to the damage of the safe itself.
Hold-up can be added to the cover.

Fidelity Guarantee

Fidelity Guarantee policy indemnifies against loss of money or other property caused by fraudulent or dishonest acts of an employee against the insured with the intent to make improper personal gain, committed alone or in collision with others.