Many companies have filed for bankruptcy because of the current financial crisis. Others have opted to lay off a significant percentage of their workforce. Because of this development, many people have been left jobless. The unemployment rate in this country is at its all-time high. Now, the unemployed person has to fend for himself and his family. He needs to find another job and this could take him a few more months. No job means no health care insurance benefits. How does the unemployed person cope with losing benefits from his company's group Medical insurance provider in Lebanon?

There is still a way out, you know. You can still claim your Medical insurance plans in Lebanon even if you don't have a job.

The Lebanese healthcare system has been impacted by war, fighting and unrest over the past four decades. Prior to the 1975-1992 civil wars in Lebanon, the country enjoyed a robust and stable economy, but the civil war took its toll on the Lebanese healthcare system, with the availability of funds being badly affected. After the ending of the civil war, Lebanon’s economy was able to develop and improve the country’s infrastructure, including healthcare facilities. This enabled the Lebanese citizens to enjoy a relatively good standard of medical insurance system in the post conflict period up to 2006. However, due to the resurgence of fighting in 2006 – the Lebanese economy and infrastructure has again been subject to deterioration; only now, in 2010, is it beginning to recover.

The standard of medical insurance in Lebanon is relative good – it has one of the better quality healthcare sectors in the region. However, during the time of conflict, the Lebanese public healthcare system came under pressure and its development stalled. The private healthcare sector filled the gap, accounting for more than 90% of medical services. Together with Non Government Organizations (NGO's), the privately run healthcare facilities augmented the Lebanese medical insurance sector, when Lebanon's public healthcare system become over-stretched.

The Lebanese Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) controls the health sector in Lebanon, with the responsibility to implement and monitor healthcare standards in the country. In recent years the MoPH has worked towards strengthening the medical insurance system in Lebanon setting itself clear goals to effect improvements.

The objective is to ensure the population has equitable accessibility to high quality health services through a fairly financed universal coverage. You need to contact an insurance expert before you start picking out your new policy.