Payments Services

In line with our “YOUR EASY WAY OUT” promise, and in order to further facilitate your business with Fidelity, we are pleased to announce a new payment service:

Payment through MasterCard and Visa available in all Fidelity and Libanpost branches.


Because we believe in making our customers’ lives easier, at Fidelity provides you with “Your Easy Way Out” Service, which facilitates your business with our company, especially when it comes to making and receiving payments. Wherever you are located in Lebanon, our fast and efficient collection payment service helps deliver policies and collect premiums from your home or office, and at your own convenience.


 SMS Service

In a way to stay connected with You and remain "Your Easy Way Out", Fidelity has started a new SMS service that will be sent to our Motor clients on a monthly basis, to remind you about your car's Mechanic fee due the following month.

BLIS 2021
BLIS 2021
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