When Insurance companies in Lebanon seek success some basic things must Happen:

Insurance companies in Lebanon must identify potential weaknesses and threats same as strength and major opportunities. They must confront reality and examine the moving market possibilities and trends. They must put the right people in the right places, have seniors with high standards and a strong willingness to learn, find professional coaches and encourage leadership, use new technology, adapt new strategic management, have an adequate information system, seek expertise, built credibility, implement teamwork, etc.

But without creating and developing a conceivable and a clear strategy, the efforts to implement a change in insurance companies in Lebanon can easily become a list of unclear and unsuited projects that can take the organization in the wrong direction.

The people in the organization must know how much it is important to change. Change is not possible unless most of the team is willing to help, have a common understanding of the goals and share the company objectives. The old myth is that failures to change are attributed to either limited intellectual potential among employees or a human resistance. But that is not always the case in the insurance companies in lebanon. The change needs to be communicated in a comprehensible, simple and direct message. As many people as possible need to hear the order for change loud and clear, over and over, again and again. Forget unexciting memos that nobody reads, use videos, presentations, kick-off reunions, workshops, etc.

To win the challenge, Empowerment is vital. Any employee should have the power to speak and to propose changes. Non-traditional ideas, initiatives and actions should be encouraged. Structures or policies that seriously create obstacles should be removed or replaced. Unfortunately, some bosses get stuck in their old ways and discourage others. Therefore the invitation is for delegation, motivation, training, development and promotion of employees who can implement the change.

Change takes time and it is therefore wise to pay serious attention to celebrate small achievements. Insurance Companies in Lebanon should establish goals in the yearly planning system and reward the people who achieve the objectives with gratitude, incentives & promotions. Goals should be “SMART” and related to the change required. Celebration is essential for creating motion, providing enough credibility and convincing the skeptical. To make people go forward we should give them short doses of wining pleasures and make them ready to handle bigger problems.

Insurance companies in Lebanon should consolidate improvements, use achievements to feed and to produce more change, make change anchored in the culture. Change sticks when it becomes "the way we do things around here". Until new manners melt in the norms and values, they are subject to collapse as soon as the change pressure is stopped.

So, the typical twenty-first century institution that wants to succeed has to act quickly in a rapidly progressing environment. If things continue to move forward, as they are supposed to, old organizations not ready to change are surely deemed to vanish and to have the same destiny as dinosaurs.