At Fidelity, we uphold our role as “YOUR EASY WAY OUT” with our Individual Health Care plan, a financially unlimited cover which offers the widest coverage available and includes all chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart impairment and much more. It also covers all maternity tests, tubal legation, infertility tests and epidurals, starting six months after enrolment. As for Fidelity Baby, the plan covers the newborn child from day one, as well as all congenital cases correctable by surgery. All in all, our healthcare insurance program has received a high satisfaction ratio.

According to your personal needs:

    bullet.png In-Hospital and Ambulatory-Out NSSF benefits from 1st class, 2nd class or eco class.
    In-Hospital: which covers 100% of hospitalization, endoscopies and emergencies.
    bullet.png Ambulatory Out: which covers 85% of medical diagnostic tests and out patient treatment.

To make your life even easier, all hospitals and labs are included in our network, and our plan offers a regional coverage all over the MENA Region*.

*(Middle East &North Africa)