Q1 If a person had previous insurance elsewhere, can he benefit from a waiver of exclusions when joining Fidelity?

A1 Some exclusions will be waived subject to underwriter’s decision. Moreover, exclusion particular to an insured, if any, may be revised.

Q2 After how long is maternity covered in an individual/family policy?

A2 Maternity is covered after 365 days of insurance with Fidelity. As for maternity tests, tubal legation, infertility and epidurals, they are covered six months after enrollment.

Q3 What is considered a false declaration in Health Insurance? How does Fidelity deal with it?

A3 When a policy holder deliberately withholds vital information about the health status of any person insured under his policy, this is considered a false declaration which, if discovered, may render the policy null and void ab initio.

Q4 Does a newborn baby benefit from any insurance cover immediately after birth?

A4 A newborn baby is covered as of day one, as are all congenital cases correctable by surgery.

Q5 Until what age can a person with previous medical insurance at Fidelity renew his coverage?

A5 Until the age of 75, but if he benefits from lifetime guarantee of renewability, “LG” provision, he can be covered for the rest of his life.

Q6 What do you mean by lifetime guarantee?

A6 It is a provision in which Fidelity guarantees the renewal of your individual healthcare policy without any particular limitation or exclusion and per the standards published, tariffs and conditions.

Q7 Does the insured need to get prior approval for hospitalization or tests from Fidelity offices?

A7 No, the insured gets his approval at the hospital and/or laboratories from the Next Care nurse delegate representing Fidelity. Although, it is better to get prior approval for surgeries and In-Hospital admissions from the company.

Q8 Who is Next Care Lebanon?

A8 NEXT CARE specializes in providing complete health insurance management and third party administration services. It operates a 24-hour, 7 days a week. It's a call centre that provides a centralized point for any insured member's questions or requirements ranging from medical referral to benefit and coverage queries.