Fidelity’s policy covers material damage to your property resulting from a fire accident as well as a wide range of optional Hazards.
Coverage is divided into five distinctive Sections out of which you may choose whatever covers that might apply to your type of exposure:

    bullet.pngAllied Perils (Lightning, Domestic Explosion, Impact of Vehicles & Aircraft),
    bullet.pngNatural Catastrophes (Earthquake, Storm, Tempest, Flood, etc.)
    bullet.pngLiabilities related to the Insured legal status (Owner, Lessee, Neighbor, co-owner etc.),
    bullet.pngOther coverage (Business Interruption, Water Damage, Plate Glass, Debris Removal Architects & Surveyor fees etc.),
    bullet.pngPolitical Risks (Malicious Damage, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotion, War)


As an extension to the Fire & Allied Perils policy, this Burglary covers the loss or damage of your property following Theft using forcible entry.
Other forms of Theft are also available such as Hold-up and Theft without forcible entry.