We have learned repeatedly within our families’, neighbors’ and friends’ circle about left debts unsettled, when procurers meet their fate and transmit the latter to their spouses and kids.

This is often common when the economic situation in the country is degrading and increasing the possibility of debts in each and every home.

The repercussion of such crisis can be anticipated and prevented with a Fidelity solution. In response to that, Fidelity offers a variety of products designed to pay-off the borrower's debt in case of death or disablement, in a way to insure the repayment of loans in such calamities.

The policy’s technicalities implies that the face value of the credit life Insurance policy decreases proportionally with the outstanding loan amount as the loan gets paid-off over time until both reach zero value.

These services are flexible enough to cater for all types of bank loans, such as auto, home mortgages, credit card debts, and loans coming from financial institutions and a lot more. The Reimbursement is paid in case of death, and natural or accidental permanent or total disability, and in war circumstances.